Bruce Jenner: Kardashian Drama Makes Hair Fall Out

The Bald Master General wasn’t even alive yet when Bruce Jenner won his gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. However, I still remember a time when his name was synonymous with winning; not plastic surgery and Kim Kardashian. A time when the only images you could find of him involved kicking ass in he name of the United States, and not a single photo of him standing next to Kris Jenner while she cries or complains and he makes a face like a cyborg muppet trying to understand human emotion, existed. Those times are gone folks, and now it appears that Bruce Jenner’s hair is going with them. While he’s always had a a pretty big forehead, he now appears to having some hair thinning going on dead center in the front (it’s right where his weird “independent woman circa 1989” hair-part begins). It’s hard to tell whether his hair as receded overall because of his aforementioned large forehead (he’s at least a natural five-head), but it’s clear that he’s starting to go bald. An invite to the Bald Army? Out of the question, he has to do some serious work to get his man-cred back before I’d even consider it.

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