Joel Mchale: We’re Okay With His Hair Plugs

Joel Mchale of the hit comedy Community is one of the funniest and most talented actors on television today. He’s also one of the most in-shape, and one of the most multi-talented (he’s also a writer and producer). Joel Mchale is a lot of things folks, but “not balding” is not one of them; however, “hair transplant recipient” is. Mchale, who also hosts The Soup, has seen a pretty drastic change in his hairline in recent years. When he first started out as host of the popular E! Channel talk show, he had some pretty serious recession, giving him a “M-shaped” hairline and an epic widows peak. These days though, while his hairline isn’t perfect, it’s significantly lower than it was, and seems to be a lot straighter across too. How did he do it folks!? (Drum roll) Hair Plugs! (Womp Womp Waaaahhhhhh) It looks like the funniest man on network television got some hair transplant surgery fix his male pattern baldness. His surgeon did a great job, and it looks very natural, but truth remains, a scalpel was involved. Either way, the guy is awesome, so if it took some hair surgery to give him the look he needs to be television, I have zero issue with that. All hail Mchale!

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