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Billy Corgan Didn’t Let Baldness Stop Him

Smashing Pumpkin’s and Emo world leader Billy Corgan didn’t let going bald stop him from his dream of becoming a rock star. Like most young musicans Billy had the typical long hair style.

You can imagine losing your hair for any young man is devastating, but the added fact of being a musician on top of that makes it even worse. Billy said he ended up shaving his head because he didn’t want to feel the pressures about how he looked. What choice did Billy really have anyway? Wearing a wig or hats just isn’t Billy’s style.

When he came out with the chrome dome look it was quite shocking at first. It really gave him a menacing new look. Today the shaved look is popular and you really don’t even notice a shiny bald head. Billy has embraced his baldness and has made it cool. Sort of.

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