Wayne Brady’s Strange Hairline

Wayne Brady gets a of crap for his family-friendly brand of non-threatening comedy, and for his constant singing, and for being on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, a show that I’ve never met a fan of. He probably doesn’t deserve most of this guff, but he does deserve a ton of ridicule for the terrifying hairline that he tried to pull off before his current bald look. The Let’s Make A Deal host and frequent guest-star on How I Met Your Mother spent a couple of years denying the fact that he was losing his hair by rocking a hairline so far back that if you looked down on his head you’d think you were staring at a split screen Nair ad. Look, the guy is actually pretty funny when you take him out of his usually poor surroundings, and I’d love to defend him, but I really can’t. How could he go outside with a hairline like that and not expect to be caught? Well either way, he eventually realized his mistakes and shaved it all off, making him eligible for entry into the Bald Army (USO Division) once he serves a month in the Brig for that haircut.

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  • Grim_Reaper_Rp

    I think you’re a bit of an ahole. Leave the dude alone. We all have things we are insecure about and find our own way of dealing with it. So he was balding like lots of men do, also like lots of men do he tried to find a way to make his lack of hair work for him. As for you never meeting a Whose Line Is It Anyway? fan, I am one through and through with the exception of season nine just because I don’t like the host (my personal opinion). My wife likes the show as well and so do a lot of my friends. It takes skill to use improv in that way so quickly. He does a wicked good job at it and often smashes at songs and rhymes they have to do on the spot. You can write back disrespecting me for my opinion but frankly I wont read it because you’re opinion isn’t that important to me. I just felt that someone should take the time to tell you you’re wrong and need to spend your time as a writer writing about something more important.

    • Marc Osanto

      To the guy above me, you sound like a tool. You are probably bald. And anyone who likes Whose Line is it Anyway has an IQ of about 57.

      • JasperD

        Lol, he’s the tool, but you’re the one tossing out naive insults on the internet.