What If Robert Pattinson Was Bald?

Man, a bald head works great for some, but…uhhhh…not so much for others. Take a look at how Twilight: Breaking Dawn star Robert Pattinson would look if he went bald and had the “horse shoe” look. R-Patz would go from “heart throb” to “creepy guy at the bowling alley that keeps staring at your daughter”. Imagine how different the vibe of Twilight would be if Edward Cullen didn’t have a full head of youthful hair; his blatant stalking of a 16 year old wouldn’t be so romantic now, would it? Maybe he’d have to drink werewolf blood and hope that it would be like super rogain…or maybe somebody would just stake him in the heart because vampires are supposed to be scary…stupid Twilight. One book managed to make vampires into non-threatening lady-boys, and make it OK for a super old guy to deflower a teenage girl. I’m telling you folks, if Edward wasn’t so dreamy; the same ladies taking their daughters to midnight showings of Breaking Dawn would be holding vampire-book burnings. On a side note, it’s been reported that old Vampy-Von-Dreamboat is experiencing some hairline recession. I hate to admit it, but I don’t think he is; although I’ve included some pics so that you can decide for yourselves.

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